Dr. Silvana Thering

Dr. Silvana Thering received her dental degree from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara, Romania in 2010. Until 2017 she was Assistant Professor at the Department of Oral Rehabilitation and Dental Emergencies- UMFT. Since 2019 she has been living and working in Münster, Germany. She is a specialist in prosthetic dentistry, having also a PhD degree in minimal invasive diagnosis area. The private practice is focused on complex aesthetic and functional reconstructions on teeth and implants, using both traditional prosthetic methods and also innovative ones, focusing mostly on minimally invasive procedures she has contributed with several ISI articles and book chapters ir the field of restorative dentistry and minimal/non-invasive oral diagnosis. She also lectures and gives workshops on a variety of topics related to full mouth adhesive reconstructions and implant prosthodontics.

ASOCIATIA TIMISOARA DENTAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION, CUI 22092498, B-dul Revoluției din 1989, nr. 9, Timisoara | realizat de DowMedia

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