VENEERS – Step by Step

Lector: Dr. Roberto Turrini;

Dedicated to: doctors and students from the 5th and 6th year.

The use of all‐ceramic veneers represents a valid alternative to complete crown restorations.

The minimally invasive tooth preparation procedure allows the maximum preservation of healthy tooth structure thus guaranteeing vitality and higher overall resistance of restoration. Also, thanks to the undeniable advantages offered by the adhesive cementation technique. Nowadays a new clinical approach based on an innovative minimally invasive prosthetic procedure (MIPP) is also applicable to full crown restorations allowing preservation of vitality and tooth structure.

The availability of a wide range of ceramic material permits the achievement of excellent, long lasting esthetic results both for anterior and posterior cases and in full mouth rehabilitations.

In this course the participants will create and customize a silicon index designed for the mock up and different silicons for preparation checking and measurements, and will also perform different preparation designs (contact point maintained and not maintained, chamfer, butt-joint…)


The workshop will take place:

  • Thursday, 11 April 2024
  • 09:30 – 13:00
  • Location – Centrul Regional de Afaceri Timișoara

400 lei

Stoc epuizat

ASOCIATIA TIMISOARA DENTAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION, CUI 22092498, B-dul Revoluției din 1989, nr. 9, Timisoara | realizat de DowMedia

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